Baby Steps …

As I was preparing breakfast for all the babies , our youngest started becoming impatient and began to cry . Before I ever entered the kitchen she was content playing , but as soon as she saw me preparing her portion of her meal, she kept saying “Eat, Eat!” As soon as her plate cooled down I picked her up from her walker and walked towards her chair …then, I realized “ugh she needed a diaper change.” She lost it when I turned around and got the diapers and wipes to change her diaper . Obviously, having a dirty diaper would cause gross discomfort and not fully enjoy her meal. She kept screaming and I kept saying “I love you Amaris .” She kept peeking at me and wanting to smile but she had her mind made up that she will scream until she gets where she wants . As soon as I finished with her diaper I placed her in her chair and she was completely fine , like nothing ever happened .
This is how I am with God sometimes , I am completely content . Then, I see God preparing something for me and I know it’s coming , but I become impatient and anxious for what I know was promised. Then as I can almost see the light , God showed me where I was needing a change … not because he couldn’t do it with me in my current state, but he knows that right now I wouldn’t get the absolute best experience If I continued with the “poop” on me . I am reminded that God knows what’s best because he sees the whole picture, his timing is absolutely perfect. Today I am glad for the in between , the time for refining and pruning . So that when it happens I will fully enjoy it . As I said “I love you Amaris , this is best” I believe God is saying the same to me. Cheryl, I know this isn’t as fast as you want, but I Love YOU and it’s for your good !

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