Grateful in All seasons

It’s no secret that our family enjoys the fall . The beautiful foliage, the cool weather to snuggle up to, the pumpkin spice ( I’m basic 😉) and the bonfires . What I love about this season most, is how comfortable the temperature is. It’s not too hot and it’s not too cold compared to winter or summer .

So it made me think, this is how I like my seasons in life . The temperature is just right , not too hot and not too cold ;however, without the unbearable heat or frigid cold , I would get comfortable being comfortable . The only issue is I sometimes rush the uncomfortable seasons so that I can feel the comfortable conditions of the next. I believe the only way to get through the tough seasons is with gratitude.

What is this season teaching me ?

What areas of my life Is this season revealing to me that needs to die off so that it can bloom into something beautiful in the upcoming seasons?

Today in your current season, start speaking of things that you are grateful for. In this season, evaluate yourself , empty yourself of the negatives so you enter your next season with hope and growth instead of negative expectations. You know it will be uncomfortable at some point , so be ready always… it’s not easy, but it’s worth it .The old way doesn’t work, so I am embracing the new.

2 thoughts on “Grateful in All seasons

  1. I truly love your post Cheryl,you have an awesome family,a family first kind,love your inspirations,thanks for the openness, I’m happy you got thru the “God dont reveal to women part”,God loves all mankind,would love to see yal when you come to Ga. Love ya,your 2nd cuz,Patricia

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    1. Aww thank you so much ! Yeh , it was a very unsettling feeling when I lived believing that lie . Thank you for commenting positive affirmations !
      God bless you and love ya as well ! We would have to let you know when we visit 🙂


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