Here we go …

Today I walked outside all geared up for the typical cold day that chills even your bones . Watching me, each of my children braced themselves before I opened the door as well . I thought to myself “here we go.” As I opened the door our bodies immediately reacted as if we were walking into the bitter cold . We were literally clenching our fist and straining our faces. We walked to the car saying our ooohs and ahhhs . Once we got in,we immediately sighed with relief .
As I drove down the road I happened to look at the temperature and it was a nice 42 degrees .
I smirked and continued driving . We got to our destination headed out the car door and I said . “Ok kids, leave your heavy coats in the car .” They looked at me crazy … “what?” So again , I said “leave your heavy coats in the car.” So they did .
As soon I opened the door they braced themselves again with their heavy sweaters and said “wait, it’s not even that cold.”

I said “exactly! We braced ourselves for the bitter cold when it was only cool. We reacted too quickly without really taking a chance to realize the conditions we were actually in .

This is what happened to me in life. I was getting so used to the bitter cold that my body no matter the situation bad or good, always reacted as if it were bad. I had grown so accustomed to bracing myself that my body reacted accordingly.

I missed out on great opportunities to get to know people because I was so tired of even allowing myself to be in a situation at all. God showed me that it’s time to leave the “heavy coat” in the car because he already knows what is in store , and it’s just not necessary for this next season.

To my friends, do not miss trying new things or even old things that you loved , just because it was a bad experience. Even if it was a bad experience several times. Step out again… this time, with confidence . Step out again and maybe just maybe you keep experiencing the bitter cold in this area because you have not been able to step in it long enough to realize it’s actually pleasant .

This year I am Cheryl Stripling created by God for a purpose ,with an understanding of my identity in Christ.

This year , I will try not to step into any condition already bracing myself for the worst .
If I get hurt again doing what I love , it’s a heck of a lot better than avoiding it and feeling lost.
This year, the phrase, “Here we go” will have a new meaning. Instead of anxiously grumbling the phrase awaiting discomfort , I will joyfully speak it with hopeful anticipation and faith !

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