The perfect Artist Part 1

The other day Nathan came downstairs to the kitchen and said , “ mom, Autumn asked me how do I draw so good. I said .. “well, what did you say ?” He said , I told her I stopped complaining about not being able to draw and started watching step by step videos on how to draw my favorite pictures.” Then a big smile was on my face … which only meant a lesson was coming from this.
I said , “that’s a really good life lesson you taught your sister by answering that way..” then I continued … “ isn’t it weird that when you used to draw a picture by looking at the finished picture beside it , you would get so frustrated and the picture would not look like the one you were trying to imitate? “ he said “yes” and I said “ you also realize that when you were doing the step by step videos you only got better when you FULLY followed the steps , even the ones you didn’t think was necessary .”
He then said “oh yeh , that’s true , I also started drawing other pictures better because I already knew the first few steps from the style of pictures I drew before , then I would get stuck and have to watch a video to finish the picture anyway because every time I have a new picture there is extra steps .

That’s when the revelation hit …. the perfect Artist already sees the perfect masterpiece , His finished work , even if the outsider looking in does not . Including ourselves . We are a complete masterpiece in Christ Jesus finished work , now the steps to get to that perfect picture the Lord already sees is ordered by Him, the perfect Artist. If I , Cheryl Diane Stripling was given the absolute entirety of what my life will look like , I would rely on my own understanding and way to get there . I would make a mess of it on my own . I need guidance from an artist that can see the end result and show me step by step how to get there . Only an artist who can actually see his finished masterpiece be able to order the steps on how to get there .

You see . God is the perfect artist . When we are saved we have a clean slate and are complete in Christ Jesus . God then takes us step by step through a process until we have the perfect picture of completeness he created for us. If we skip a step in that process , we quickly realize the picture isn’t exactly turning out the way it was promised .By then, we can either stop and give up, never seeing the finished masterpiece that God already intended for our lives . Or we erase back to the steps where we marked too soon and out of the perfect order then continue drawing , knowing that even if a step does not make sense , it is absolutely necessary. See God can see the end result ( the perfected work of art ). He is also able to know the perfect steps necessary to get there, even steps that we would have never thought of ourselves .

Many times in life , like my son Nathan, I would take the steps that made sense and I believed was necessary to get to the final picture . I would also rush through a step believing I already knew better, only to find myself erasing and going back to the step that was absolutely necessary . Then I realized instead of skipping steps and rushing along , I need to follow the process, because in reality it takes a heck of a lot longer when you skip steps and find yourself back at the point where you thought you knew better .

I needed that reminder today and If you needed it too then, whew… I’m not the only one who likes to think I can skip steps and the picture still turn out perfect.

If you have found yourself skipping through the process , trying to find loop holes or an easy way, only to find yourself stuck . If you see that imitating the steps of others without the same result, because you know that is not the way God instructed you to do it . Then I encourage you to not lean on your own understanding and take a moment to be still and allow the Lord to realign you to the place where you may have went off on your own course like I did. Then allow God to show you the necessary steps so you can grow in his perfect direction .

Remember, when an artist is the master of their craft and is absolutely perfect at what they do, they want you to imitate their perfect steps to reach a beautiful masterpiece . Have you ever said to yourself , “wow I did that” when you went to a paint night or did a step by step drawing . You see , the perfect Artist God can paint amazing pictures using your hands , if you are just willing to take the simple steps and know that the artist wants you to succeed . It may not always look like a necessary step, but trust God , he sees the finished masterpiece .

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6:33‬ ‭

Nathan’s Bob Ross drawing

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