You will be ready to Walk…

Good morning ❤️ 

This morning as I was taking our youngest child out of her car seat , I already knew throwing on her socks and shoes was going to be a part of the task . I knew as her mother , that these articles of clothing are essential during the bitter cold months .So skipping this step could result in her being unprotected from the cold. I also like to throw a blanket over her because of the added cold breeze that Creeps on to the parts of her skin that is slightly exposed.

After all the steps I have taken to protect her from the cold she is about to face , she still has a reaction when I pull her out of the car from the cold hitting her face and she buries her face into my chest . As she is wrapped up and completely shielded at this point , we still have to walk through the cold temporarily. But, what my child has grown to realize is , when we walk into our home , she will experience a warmth right when we step foot in the door. As soon as that happens, she lifts her head up and wants to walk. She doesn’t know that In order to have that assurance of warmth I had to pay the light bill, she just knows it will be there .

That is how it is in this season with God right now . I am in the warmth of my season but I know uncomfortable conditions are coming. I have to face the cold , but my father shields me . Even though he shields me , I take an extra step of precaution to cling tighter to him because in the time of walking through the season of bitter cold, I want my face planted on the chest of my father. As I am held, shielded, and planted during this season of bitter cold, I know that the warm step that overcomes the cold around me is coming . My sweet child just knew without a doubt that her relief was coming . I too know it is coming , but not because I sat there and warmed the house on my own , but because my father already paid the bill .

For my friends today I would like to say this. Don’t be discouraged if you are headed in the right direction and are walking through the bitter cold still. This time you are shielded, protected, planted firmly in the father who has promised a way out . Stand firm and stand firm ❤️ Because when the father brings you into your season of warmth, it will be time to raise that head up and walk !

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