How could he ?

We all have that family member or friend that likes to come to your home , examine every inch of it, and start “calling out” small areas that are not in order. Sometimes they even go as far as telling you how to rearrange your home like “they would.” Then later you find yourself visiting the very same person, only to find that their home is in complete chaos. I immediately think …. “ wait, I was so embarrassed by a few simple things that needed touching up In my home that was called out by this person …. only to find out that their house is looking like this behind that beautifully decorated door.

When I started writing this, I was reminded of a quick revelation I jotted down weeks ago about my children in this very area. I decided not to post it because a similar revelation was posted by someone else . So I thought , ok, no need, so I stopped writing it . At 5 am I woke up and yeh , I couldn’t sleep until I finished what I initially started writing. Turns out the message is different . So it’s needed lol … ok back to the story.

Autumn is our child that delights in doing the right thing. She absolutely loves order, rules, and structure. She loves the straight and narrow. She knows how to let loose and be fun and she will help ANYONE In need ,but she lacks patience with anyone that is not the same way as her.

With that being said . One day Autumn walked by Nathan’s room , then literally out of nowhere , she announces on the echo dot, “Nathan Bradley Stripling, your bed is not made and your toys are not put up .” Nathan said “well close the door , it’s not hurting you .” She then announced again , “ I’m telling mom to go look at your room because it’s bothering me and I can’t stand how you are ok with this mess.”

I decided to intervene , but this time I felt prompted to go get Autumn and bring her to her OWN room. I said Autumn , “why are you so upset about Nathan’s room ? “ she said ,”mom, I had to get up this morning and clean up my room before I started the day, why doesn’t he ? I just don’t see how he can live with his room like that? I don’t see how you aren’t telling him to clean up?”

Or Better yet, explain to Nathan, why it’s important to keep his room clean . For example , if an emergency happens or if he is trying to run around , he can trip and fall if all that mess is on the floor . It’s best to maintain your room daily so that you won’t trip later .” She said “exactly mom!”

I said Autumn , “when I came to get you I felt prompted to come to your room, and not his.” I know you like things in order , but, if you are that concerned , why don’t you gently correct Nathan and then offer help to clean it up.

That’s when the revelation began ….

I then realized from past experience, that when she is so deeply concerned about Nathan , more than normal , there is definitely something deeper going on. So I asked ,” Autumn , what is going on with you. “ she said “mom, nothing, I just want Nathan to do what’s right because I am.”

I then said Autumn ,” let’s inspect your room the way you inspected Nathan’s” she said “ ok, fine.” I walked around and everything looked great. Her toys were in order , her bed was made , her dresser was dusted . She was standing their looking so proud . Then, came the closet . As I opened the door , I could see she immediately remembered that she stuffed everything she didn’t feel like dealing with as she cleaned up her room that morning .

I said “Autumn, why are you telling on Nathan, when your closet looks like this . Did you think I wouldn’t see it . She said “no, mom I forgot.” I told her “ you forgot about your mess in your closet , because you walked by Nathan’s room and got so caught up in what he wasn’t doing right, that you were blinded from seeing your own mess . Isn’t it more dangerous to come into a room you think is clean and trust that it’s ok, only to open the closet and be hit with all this mess piled up.”

She looked at me and said “ mom, I am sorry , can you please help me so I don’t get hurt by this stuff falling down .” I said , “ yes , and then afterwards we are going to help Nathan . Now that you have been humbled by the mess that you needed help cleaning up, you will no longer be concerned with being right or that you did more than him, now you are concerned with his overall safety and his ability to walk without stumbling . “

See correction is great , It doesn’t always feel great, but it’s so appreciated when it’s done in love and with a humble heart. I truly believe it’s not what you say , it’s not even always how you say it … it’s why .

Are you correcting because you are in so much chaos yourself , that focusing on someone else’s house is just easier to live with than facing your own disorder ? Are you correcting because you have gotten so good at decorating that door ,that you yourself have forgotten or even ignored the mess that is behind it?

I have done all of the above . Sometimes without even realizing that’s why I was doing it. One verse that changed my walk with God from religious to relationship , was this very verse .

““Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?”

Matthew 7:3

Ouch ! Yes ouch ! Not only does it hurt imagining a plank in your eye , but to realize you have been walking around with a plank so big ,that you have become blind and now your eye is becoming infected , is excruciating.

I remember the time in my life when I really started allowing God to expose and work on my heart.

It got UGLY ! but just as quickly as Autumn got help by me , Jesus said I am here to help you clean this up.

Then your concern about the dust in the other person’s eye will be dealt with properly .

See , now that you have two healthy eyes , you can use tweezers to carefully help them remove the dust that they are unable to see themself. Without damage !

See , we all need daily maintenance or self evaluation. Tackling our mess with the help of Jesus is absolutely necessary . Correction in love with the right intentions is so beneficial.

So today I choose to be so concerned with Jesus helping me clean my mess, that I will be in the right position to help someone else .

I will choose today to take a good look at what’s in my closet . In the process , humility will immediately set in and when I do correct someone , it will be received the right way .

Today I ask you, are you more concerned with everyone else doing right because you know what’s right and have done it? Or are you concerned with everyone doing right with a haughty heart and a messy closet ?

Either way Jesus is the best organizer and mess cleaner ! As soon as you search for the mess and find it, he’s over there like Mr. clean , ready for you to ask for help to clean it up !

If you realize that this is you, just pause,ask God to search your heart and your whole House .

What are you forgetting about in your closet because you happened to walk by and get fixated on someone else’s dirty room ?

We have all done this ! So you are not alone .This is so crucial in our spiritual health and the lives around you.

The real question … How could I ?

Blessings !

Nathan and Autumn working together. When they are in sync , they achieve amazing things !

2 thoughts on “How could he ?

  1. Cheryl, so beautiful! Makes me want to go clean my house. I need help too. (Literally my house is a mess). I need help in the organization of it but equally in my spiritual life as well. Love the perspective your heart if love and worship writes with.
    Manu blessings to you all.


    1. I completely understand that. Even though I write about it , we are also in the midst of spiritually and physically getting our house in order . God is so patient and long suffering. That even in the midst of going through it all , he shows me these revelations throughout he process . For that I am so thankful because it keeps my heart going back to him and it keeps me humble . I love your family and thank you for your encouragement always !


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