Giving Up

One day My oldest child Nathan set up a little made up stage and asked for the whole family to watch him do magic tricks. We all gathered around him and watched in anticipation to be tricked. As he performed the first trick, he had some glitches and we could clearly see what he was trying to do . The next time he had this handkerchief and actually stumped me for a minute and then a pretend finger fell off his hand into his magic box. We had a good laugh , but it wasn’t until he performed his final trick that we actually were stumped. He asked for us to look at something in the distance and not knowing what to expect we did. Then he started this really cool quarter trick. First he had one quarter disappear, then he had two, then three , then they all vanished. I was like woah, that was actually good and I wasn’t expecting that. After finishing the trick, I said “how in the world did you do that?” for a minute there I thought this child had perfected slight of hand or something. After laughing from being able to trick us, he said “Mom, when I told ya’ll to look at that object, I quickly slipped a quarter under each of your legs, then when ya’ll were concentrating so hard on the coin holder trying to catch me, I would slide my hand under your leg grab another quarter .” I looked at him puzzled. How did I miss that?I thought I was paying attention.

That’s when the revelation hit.

A few weeks ago, I felt some sort of scheme was unfolding in my life and I thought I accurately depicted where it was going to come from, so I focused my full attention on that area. Only to find out two weeks later that although my intentions were right, I was still tricked and unprepared. I had literally stopped everything I was doing to really pray and keep my eyes open to this specific area of vulnerability. When I woke up this morning, I realized two weeks went by. I was neglecting the area I was growing in, to protect the area I was vulnerable.

The same look on my face when Nathan tricked me, was similar to the face I woke up this morning and made. How? How did I let the enemy trick me ? I was prayer purposefully, I was seeking an answer and being so watchful ? You see when the enemy showed himself in a distant area of my life that was not surrendered completely, I started trying to control it all over again. Believing if I prayed enough, or focused on it enough, that it would somehow change. You see, prayer works and so does staying focused, but the idea that my timeline or that my actions was going to change it,wasn’t.

You see, this area in my life has been one to break my spirit many times, my heart has crumbled, and I just want to ball up on cry. It’s one of those areas that take complete trust, because you can not change it on your own or in your own power. It’s an area where you have to trust God will work it all out, just like he did with me.

I know one day this will be a testimony in this area, but for now , it’s a place I decided to completely surrender to God. I felt as if I lost something , almost mourning having to let this fight go. Let this be up to God . Let this area go through the process. This is on of those steps that didn’t “feel” good but I have so much relief. It is not mine anymore, it’s not my responsibility, it’s not my project. This is a time where I can finally say that prayer and believing in God’s ability to do what he did for me again,for someone else,is Exactly what is needed right now.

In reality, I was never actually in control . I was never really going to change anything on my own and by my own ways. You see, the way Nathan got me distracted and ultimately tricked me by reverting my attention is the same way the enemy distracted me from my Calling , my message to seemingly “work” on something out of my control. This season is a season where I am meant to “speak up” I am meant to witness to the Goodness of God. Other people can not stop what God has started. My own strength is not needed in this fight, but my willingness to hold on to God’s.

This is not the season to give up and throw in the towel just because I have not seen the victory in the natural . My witness is not trampled by the actions of others, nor should it be hindered.

The thing about an illusion or trick, is that it actually didn’t happen. It is a way to distract to make you think it did. It is a device the enemy uses on God’s children to blind us from the true attack. It is a way for us to focus on the things that are already being worked on by God that is personal to distract us from the furthering of the Kingdom . For example:

The enemy gives you symptoms, to make you focus on a sickness that was already healed by the stripes of Jesus.

The enemy gives you anxiety, to worry about a care that has already been taken on by our Savior.

The enemy gives you depression , to distract you from the joy that is complete in Christ and the deliverance that is already yours.

The enemy gives you self consciousness and intimidation to keep you focused on what you can see then WHO YOU ARE. To distract you from becoming everything God wants you to be for the Kingdom.

The enemy uses guilt from your mistakes to take away the perfect peace and assurance of the Righteousness and forgiveness you already have in Christ.

The enemy also gives you a drive to be religious and completely busy with “God’s” work to distract you from fruitful works and Joy of your salvation .

Most of all the enemy likes to create an illusion that anything that strengthens your relationship with Christ in secret without being seen , is not as effective as being consistent by worldly standards and timelines.

You see brothers and sisters in Christ. the world is not run like the Kingdom. The Kingdom is not built by worldly means and schemes. The kingdom is built on spirit and truth.  The kingdom is not built on accolades and qualifications of this world. It is built on a solid foundation; it is built on the finished work of Jesus. It is built in secret and revealed in Public.  The kingdom is built with LOVE. We are witnesses to the glory and power of the Kingdom. We are lights to a dark world.

With the enemy’s trickery we have been building a Kingdom that “appears” Godly but without power, without signs and absent of Wonders. WE have built a Kingdom of worldly accolade with some hierarchy and religious qualifications.  We have puffed up when we must humble. We have controlled where we should surrender. We have become wise and have now become fools to things of God. Now is the time, Now is the time to realize the trick. Humble ourselves and repent (change our minds) about how Kingdom business is supposed to be ran. Not by human authority but by God.  Then, then we will not be carried by every wind and illusion from the enemy. We will Change the world not by our Power but the power of Christ that is in us.

United we Stand as the Body of Christ

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