Living witness

Hey y’all , I know I’ve been silent for a little bit. Every time I wanted to post I had the urging to wait . I question whether the cares of this world like being a homemaker, mommy, and wife started taking front seat . For now , I’ll say I believe I needed to be obedient and allow God to do some heart work after going through a trial that was so close to leaving me bitter . Now, after God’s amazing grace and favor , many changes have been made and the words are flowing faster than ever before. So here we go my beautiful family in Christ 😍. He will use this too 😍

The past 13 years of me and michael’s relationship there has been ups and downs . Good decisions and down right dumb decisions . There has been wisdom and there has been foolishness . We have both feasted and we have had famine . We have had amazing times and we have had tragedy . We have been unselfish and so selfish. We have either grown or gone backwards . You see , where we are now , finally living our dream , didn’t happen overnight . For some people it does , but for us it didn’t . Did we have some absolute unmerited favor to be where are now , yes ! Did we just “do” everything right to get here NO. However , we do have a Father in heaven who does not lie and even perfectly places every single step that we need to make it to the will he has for us . When we walk off course , he provides a way out. How radical ? You see ,

Every single positive and negative God has used for our good . We aren’t these super amazing powerful people who just came up with all this on our own. God gave us the desire to reach people a different way . You know what , even that we don’t do with our own strength . We haven’t been consistent either , We have at times even given up our dream to be what others would call “responsible ”. We got tired of criticism , so we conformed . But you know , being criticized and happy is so much better than being told to “ settle down” and be miserable because that’s just not how God made us . Not everyone is like us and that’s totally amazing because the world can’t function if everyone was exactly the same . That’s the beauty of it all. When we live the life we were called to live , the life we were knit for in Jesus, there is this peace . We all have Perfectly woven talents , gifts,and personalities that God knew this world needed in our DNA. It’s ok if your light may look different than someone else’s , your light may be sprinkled with glitter 😂, the substance is what is the same . Today , let’s Love our neighbor , even if your neighbor changes constantly because your family decided to live in an RV. ❤️ Remember today, God’s goodness isn’t calculated by our performance or our works . Believe today in the “Good News” of the gospel and the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross and see supernatural provision in your life . Blessings and favor over your family today 🙂

“We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God: those who are called according to His purpose.”
‭‭Romans‬ ‭8:28‬ ‭

Witnesses of God’s unmerited favor and provision

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