Soul Seeking Rest 

The spot on the hill facing the water, with the cattails blowing in the wind , cars passing by, dreary weather enhancing the depth of this view. Ducks making patterns in the water, Birds flying and singing without a care. My heart is beating out of my chest. My soul comes here to find rest.

I am a foreigner in this fast paced world that I have never found a place to fit. My soul longs for simple and purely beautiful.

To pause and see the beauty and to teach others how to do the same. To escape such a fast pace, overwhelming, condemning, unrealistic society.

Where materials are God and God is not enough. I want what this “world” can’t give. I want peace, I want devotion, I want deep thinking and true love.

I want to be calm and see the tiny flea that flies by. I want to be so still and calm that I hear every pitter patter of the light beginning of rain.

When I am still and quiet I can hear the sounds that this world is missing out. So distracted by pictures and moving screens. To see we are missing the peace and rest.Oh, how invisible I feel to the world. No one knows where I am in this big wide world when I am here. That is when I feel most free. I can not be tracked, Interrupted, just free.

This is where my soul finds rest.

I am not a slave to constantly fitting myself to please everyone. In you Daddy, my soul finds rest . In the calm on this hill facing the beautiful waters . Where no one knows me.  I can only be found in you lord. I can only be found in your presence.

Where my soul can find rest.

The tiny drops of rain leaves slits of wetness on my window. Oh Lord how free I feel. Just you and me. No worry , no anxiety, Just you and me.

I can not see the green on the trees. But I know they are there. I am like the bud on those bare trees. The beautiful blooms and greenery is coming and being watered and nurtured and in the natural it is unseen.

As sure as the spring promises blooms , we do not sit around worrying about a flower to bloom. It happens in the right timing , surely I should not worry. I have seen the buds  on the azaleas and knew the flowers were coming. I spoke with confidence that the blooms are on the way to my husband. With confidence I will speak of God’s promise to me.

Oh my tired soul needed rest. I was spewing from every direction , my soul needed you . I am not here to hurt or be mean to anyone. My soul is pure and my heart is loved because of you. The world doesn’t see it, but I can rest because, you do.

I just want peace in this chaos , oh I pray for it to follow me always. To become a part of me. For my children to know peace and see the beauty of you lord. Not to perform, but to spread this peace. To slow down in this crazy world , always filled with excitement to distract from what is important.

I have played the game. I have been fed and drank from the bread and water that has left me thirsty and hungry. As thirsty as a blade of grass panting for water in a drought. My soul can no longer be satisfied by the nourishment of this world. My soul finds rest in you, in nature. My soul finds rest in the beauty of this world. My soul finds rest in my father who loves  me in heaven.

The water reflects the trees, it rises up to fill the clouds and form the fog. The trees clean the air so that my lungs can breathe. The grass provides protection from the hard ground . Like a cushy rug on a hardwood floor. OH the feeling of my feet on the beautiful grass rug my father has planted for this moment. Yes, the soft cool blades that protect my feet.

The rocks protect me from anything coming near. Everything has a purpose. Everyone has a purpose. How many people have passed by and not seen me writing, that blades of cattails moving, that beautiful fog among the naked trees.

My soul finds rest in your beauty Daddy. My soul finds rest knowing that you love me. Knowing that as sure as the trees will turn green and your flowers bloom, I will also develop into what you want me to be.

That the process is complete, but the timing has yet to come. If I bloom to soon, a sudden frost could destroy my blooms. So father you are the gardener you know the best time for me to display. You know what’s best. You see everything. I trust your timing. I trust your methods as I be still and rest in the creation you have given .

I can finally breathe deep Daddy, thank you for listening and loving me no matter what. Thank you for giving me peace.

In Him , my soul finds rest.

As this bug drinks water, this seemingly insignificant insect, I will take as a promise from you to  bring water for my thirsty soul every day that I live. That no matter how much I drink , you will always provide.

I am so thankful that in you I am complete. I am putting on the mind of Christ. Today I am at peace in my soul forever. My father knows what is best.

Even if the water isn’t glistening like sparkles because of the overcast, the water still brings healing with its effortless motion.

I want to share with the world what it looks like without distractions. To see the world, God’s love, and peace when we just stop trying to impress and just truly heal. Not money, not fame , not followers or even empty popularity will give the peace that being still in YOU gives.

Oh, the small crackling of my pen. The beautiful sound of the ball point releasing ink so that my thoughts can be made permanent on this piece of paper. Oh my hearts desire is for my husband, children, and the world to find this rest and peace. To see the beauty in the simple. To sit, Feel, hear, touch and breathe in this peace from your love and beauty. Your Majesty!

Oh slow down world and see that the Lord is good.

The water moves, the wind blows, the trees sway, and the rain falls. The birds fly, the rocks crush, the plants dance, the wind whistles, the rain patters, the birds sings, the waves crash, and the sand blows like beautiful curtains, and the mountains stencil the beautiful sky.

The dark approaches with a beautiful show of colors before the days turn to night. Let the sunset entertain me. Let the sunset and God’s beauty slumber me to sleep. Oh how entertaining to see this miracle everyday that I have forgotten .

Oh life passes by. We pay bills, we live, we impress, and we all have a mission, but we are missing heaven on earth. Where we find rest, our souls are calm, our spirits are floating, we don’t feel pain and just stand in awe of the beauty of the Lord.

Nothing in this world can satisfy or quench the thirst in my soul. Lord give me a front row seat to your beauty. Lord direct my path, no matter how silly it is to the wise. I am your child and I love you with all of me , In Jesus.

Thank you Daddy for calming me and redirecting me. My soul needed rest and my whole being needed you . Perfect are your ways, now that I trust you I will not delay in coming to you in trouble and in joy. Why I wait? Heaven knows.

My Abba my everything , I love you. In you I find rest, security, comfort, counseling, unmerited favor, grace,gifts, blessings, hope,peace, love help, encouragement, and safety.  I am complete.

When I rest I see your goodness, because of your kindness I can accept your love. Because of your peace I can be patient and wait for the next steps. I am not afraid to fail, because you are always with me . Because of your sacrifice I am always free. Because of your strength I am not afraid of my enemies.

You are my fair,just,strong,kind,faithful,loyal,loving Daddy.

My behavior doesn’t change your love and unmerited favor and grace over me. I am so thankful and grateful for you Daddy. I have never known love like this. So perfect, so beautiful, so comforting, may I never forget where my help comes from.

My soul is at rest.

-Your Beloved-


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