This is for you too …

So I felt led to a different kind of post today… so I pray the Holy spirit opens your minds and reveals to you truth that points straight to how amazing and wonderful Jesus is.

When you fall from Grace , you are no longer believing that you are saved by faith through Jesus, But of yourselves. You condemn yourself . You put heavy burdens, loads, and morality on yourself. When in reality, our might and strength will never be enough.

See Jesus.. “Yeshua” literally means Salvation. So when we are putting on the mind of Christ we are putting on the helmet of Yeshua . Let’s now see why this is soooooo important to get to first, when we come to know the Lord. When a Roman soldier puts on armor they use a helmet to protect their brain. According to the , “The brain is an amazing three-pound organ that controls all functions of the body, interprets information from the outside world, and embodies the essence of the mind and soul. … The brain controls our thoughts, memory and speech, movement of the arms and legs, and the function of many organs within our body.” ( More in depth writing is coming on this later on, I am just skimming the surface on this revelation the Holy spirit gave to me) So Family, the helmet of salvation in the armor of God is literally the helmet of Yeshua. All these functions are so , so important to our daily lives and destiny. It effects how we pray, what we pray , how we approach God, who we believe God to be… I mean. I could go on and on. But that’s on another blog. Now you see why this is so important?

You know when you start studying the Word of God with your mind of Christ on , oh how the story changes. You are no longer scared to read the bible or just waiting for more Do’s and don’ts. It’s no longer a book where you go see what others are doing wrong or how self righteous you are.Oh no, it becomes one of the greatest mysteries revealed to you in such an amazing way because you are being led by the spirit. You aren’t reading a story that the wisest or most knowledgeable could ever truly understand on their own , it’s like your own secret message leading to the Treasures of heaven . It is not understood with human intellect but meticulously revealed in many different ways in many different seasons . IT is discerned with a spirit that puts even the first the same as the last, the rich and the poor and even the slowest of learners and fastest of learners on the same playing field. You feel like you are going down a never ending hunt sometimes, but a life changing one. You get one train of thought and it leads to another and it becomes an all out investigation . You know one of those investigations you do after watching a court case and just need evidence for some sort of closure. You know that evidence you look for when you search your whole heart mind and strength until late hours of the night clicking article after article. Just to know the truth .  The cool thing about Having the Holy spirit as a friend and God as a good good father who can never lie, you will always, I mean always find what you are seeking at the right time . You are not left confused and dissatisfied, its always a search that ends in peace or action for the next step. It’s like endless awe and wonder. Now there is times, where you feel kind of bored and think, ummm I know this scripture. Only for a revelation of the meaning to truly hit a week later, who knows, maybe while vacuuming the floor.

I wanted to share this because as I reveal what is  revealed to me through revelation , I want you to realize that I am a homemaker who is beloved by God not through my actions but because of Jesus’ finished work on the cross. I mean I am pretty low on the social totem poll to the world , lets face it, haha . I mean , but really guys a homemaker given wisdom supernaturally used by a powerful God that doesn’t need me, but chooses to use me , to spread the Good Good news. So it’s not of myself or human wisdom. I just want to see lives transformed and people complete in Him. I just want everything that comes out of my mouth or typed through my fingers on a keyboard to point to Jesus. I honestly go back and read what is written and I am like, who wrote that? I can’t humanly explain how I come to these conclusions or revelations on my own, because I don’t. It is always a scripture or bible story that didn’t make sense at the time and BAM it hits. Sometimes it’s just deeper meaning to something I didn’t previously know fully. Not anything biblically new , but like in depth truth of God’s written word, that’s new to me. My prayer is that through sharing my revelations, it will spark your spirit to seek revelation for yourselves as well. It is the most satisfying and awe inspiring experience. To know that God will use all means to help me understand, and to reveal truths to me that I need, exactly when I need it, mostly through my children.

The only thing I can give advice about when it comes to revelations is truly just taking a moment to be a fly on the wall so to speak throughout your day. To be present but yet taken back and just observe. Oh, just take a moment from the chaos and distraction and just look and see what can only be seen , when you truly look. To pray and ask for revelation is a huge part for sure also. Sometimes, The silly smiles of my children, the tiny mannerisms , and even just the conversation that they have with each other reveals God’s truths. Sometimes it’s a wake up call when I hear my children being unkind to each other. Especially when I hear things I know is me or my husband. I used to get so down and condemn myself, but now I just say Holy spirit lead me to a better way. As you lead me , they will follow. The pressure of trying to figure it all out isn’t on me alone, I can make the choices but only through knowing I am loved, can I choose a more loving approach. Knowing you are loved eases anxieties and it results in less agitation. Our Abba wants us to succeed in our marriages, in our parenting, and all relationships that we are meant to be a part of. Sweet friend, grace is there to take the burden off you , you can get up again , you can try again, you can keep moving forward without condemnation. You can come boldy come to the Father asking all sorts of questions and even talking about things you struggle with , and asking advice.

Yeh you may need to ask your kids for forgiveness or your spouse, but you can’t expect to learn without mistakes. But the Good news is , your mistakes don’t stack against you , it’s an endless washing of the blood of the lamb over you every single day. Rest easy do not be overcome with anxiety and thoughts of your mistakes, you are loved , you are holy , you are righteous and you are moving forward. Do not give up.

When we Are saved we are legit going through a brain transplant. Putting away the former things, like literally born again. If you are a newborn you do not have memories, so literally we must do away with all past things ,a new slate. Allow the Holy Spirit to fill your mind with the thoughts of Jesus. Those thoughts about whatever is kind what ever is good, How faithful our heavenly father is, being kingdom minded and knowing we are righteous as he is righteous because of the finished work of the cross. Then keeping our eyes on Jesus and being in awe will result in changed behavior supernaturally. Do we make a choice , yes.. However, when we keep our eyes on Jesus , we walk in the spirit and love, then every other commandment is fulfilled. Like, Literally our Father set us up to succeed. We just have to put away our fleshly desire to have our hand in places that aren’t ours to mess with so we can take some sort of credit. We must walk by faith. Remind yourself, we are without spot or blemish in the eyes of the father. Yes, the world and even you remember when you messed up before and when you presently mess up . But rest easy, God does not. Have you ever found yourself digging a deeper hole of sin and depression when you constantly think about what you do wrong and that you can never do right.

Try this, know that you are so loved by God , ask him yourself to reveal to you how much you are loved. Open your bible through the eyes of grace and let the forgiveness and love pour all over you. Watch sin and addiction break off your life, Be free child of God ! Do not be bonded by the yolk of slavery. We are now sons and daughters to the most high God.

I am reminded of the Prodigal son, I ask that you take a moment to read Luke 15:11–32 and ask the Holy spirit to reveal to you what is true about how Our daddy delights in us when we come back to him.

Then as you are reminded who you are in Christ, keep asking questions , keep seeking , I promise no other relationship in your life will compare. Don’t get me wrong I love my family , ya’ll know this, but there isn’t a person or thing on this earth that can ever sustain or fulfill the deep places like Jesus. This is not of myself or that I am just this super wise or bold person on my own. Any courage or wisdom, or knowledge of the spirit is a gift from the spirit. So yeh, No boasting , no accolade or achievement on my part. My need for something real , whether that makes me weak or not, was more important than staying empty. I heard someone say, oh christians just are too weak to handle this world, so they need a God to lean on. Well, guilty, I am weak , but he is strong. I can’t do this life or even one ounce of my past without the saving grace , acceptance and Love of the Father. I am not ashamed that I need Jesus to walk in this life and neither should you.

I pray for bondage to be broken , anyone held back from their destiny to start seeking who they are in Christ, I pray for those who are feeling the heaviness of this life to be renewed in Jesus name. I pray for children of God to use your helper the holy spirit, to let him lead you . If Jesus could trust the Holy spirit to raise him from the dead, I can trust him too. I love ya’ll ! My heart just wants for you all to find this freedom , to walk in your spiritual gifts, to walk in health and full abundant life. To seek our Father’s face without being scared or condemned. God loves you so very much. Remember, As Jesus is so are we!

A visual that the Holy spirit showed me a few days ago , really brought peace to my spirit. It was me sitting next to my Abba on the right hand of the throne and anytime evil was coming against me, I rested in Victory with my Father and he sent an angel out without a flinch before it could reach me. I had this assurance that I am so loved, I am protected, I am victorious because of My father. I pray this too helps you see just how close and How intimate of a relationship God wants with you too.

Peace and many blessings! In Jesus Name , amen !