Below is a personal revelation the Holy Spirit gave me to write that really solidified the Father’s love for me .
Part of my testimony: I was supernaturally healed of depression and anxiety that I struggled with even as a child. Don’t get me wrong I was happy and laughed constantly , it was just this dark lingering feeling that I always carried with me and only got worse as I got older . I know that sounds crazy to some , but Shame n pride are out the door when a miracle is truly gifted to you. Before I was healed , I fell into a deep depression and condemnation like no other .
I don’t always understand the steps that I need to take on this journey , and honestly recording my voice is absolutely out of my comfort zone, but I trust that Jesus is glorified and that someone needed to be reminded as much I did. If a homemaker like me , who is also beloved of Jesus , can be given revelation , how much more can you sweet friend ? Blessings and peace . I love you . -revelationsofahomemaker-